German Shepherd Dog Rescue

This is where you can browse through all our dogs that are looking for their new families that are currently under our care. We post our dogs on here because we no longer allow members of the public into the kennel blocks as it can be intrusive and unsettling for the dogs. It has been proven that keeping kennel blocks quiet ( they do have music thanks to Alexa! ) and free of strangers helps to keep the dogs calm and less anxious.  So please do not contact us asking to "meet the dogs" we have available.

It also allows us to post some dogs for other rescues that are available and also all the dogs we currently have in Foster Care, should they be ready for rehoming.

PLEASE REMEMBER we understand that you may have GSD or large breed experience BUT you need to understand that these dogs have not necessarily had the best starts in life and they definitely are NOT like your old dog! Like us each dog has their own individual outlook on life, their own personality and unfortunately this is generally built up from their first / last owner and this is why our rehoming policy DOES NOT allow us to rehome our dogs upon request!


We select the most appropriate and best matched dog or dogs to match you, your family and your lifestyle. We then take the time to introduce you all and help to iron out any issues BEFORE they even step one foot into your home, once home we give you the tools and knowledge to help keep building the relationship between you and your new friend. We also support you after adoption for the rest of the dogs life, not 7-14 days like some organisations.

Remember these are living breathing animals and not something on your shopping list at the supermarket that you can just take back whenever you feel they no longer fit! Dogs are a lifetime commitment and we are here to back you up as much as you need.


We wont sugarcoat the truth like some, the chances are just like a puppy they will pull on a lead, they will try to go to the toilet in your home, they will try to destroy your home, your belongings and your soul if you let them! BUT if you and your family listen to the guidance given, give your new dog the time it needs to settle and the guidance it really needs you will end up with the most amazing friend you ever had!

To start our adoption process you will need to complete a pre-adoption form, you will then be invited to come to our centre to meet our dogs and IF a potential match is found for you and they are on site, you will get to meet them too :-)


There will be times where we dont think that families that apply are suitable, we will try to be as honest as possible in these circumstances in explaining why, please do not take this personally and understand that we cannot re home dogs to families we dont think are suitable for them to just come back later and possibly with more or worse issues than they had originally.


If we think you are a suitable family but we don't have a potential match we can keep you on our waiting list until a suitable match is found, if you would like us to do so.


To be honest its worth waiting for the right one, and the only way you will see why is by waiting patiently!