Baz came in from a local dogs home with moments to spare before he was due to be put to sleep, he was taken there as a stray so we have no background information on him apart from what we have seen with him in the time with us.

Baz has shown to be good around other dogs and does tend to try and keep his distance. People dont really bother him although he does like to show you he is boss, so training is needed to put him in his place. We think that he missed out on some proper mum time when younger as when he plays he plays with no limits!

With the right family (No children) he will certainly shine, he needs someone that can listen to us about his requirements and start to patiently help this lost soul learn to live.

His new owners will need to be confident to handle him and put in the training to help him gain his confidence. Baz will benefit from a home in a quiet location with a private garden to carrying on his training.


Current information may be out of date or non existent at this time. We try to regularly update this information with regular assessment sessions with our behaviorists and kennel staff.

The information contained on these pages is a rough guide from the last assessment.

Due to COVID-19 a lot has changed and a new assessment may be required for up to date info.

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