BRAMBLE was originally found tied to a bench in Stoke, she did not have any trust whatsoever for any human and acted like she had been neglected and abused beyond belief.

She still bears the mental scars of whatever she went through and has a small lump at the back of her skull of which is due to be looked at now she has started to trust people, however the vets believe it may just be scar tissue.

One of our handlers has spent some considerable time with Bramble teaching her to trust again and now she can quite happily meet new people when introduced properly. She has learned some basic commands and is a wonderfully loving little girl.

To try and ensure her journey continues to be a positive one we feel that a home without other animals or children (no matter how old) would be suitable for Bramble as she is still learning to trust.

She can still be difficult to handle for things like nail cutting or other personal space invasion things, but looking at her past it is understandable and hopefully will slowly fade as her trust builds up in the people around her. She would need to be muzzled for visits to vets or places where strangers would come into close contact of her.

Her new family will need to continue her training in a gentle, positive and patient manner, we will of course help with further training.


Current information may be out of date or non existent at this time. We try to regularly update this information with regular assessment sessions with our behaviorists and kennel staff.

The information contained on these pages is a rough guide from the last assessment.

Due to COVID-19 a lot has changed and a new assessment may be required for up to date info.

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