BYNDIE is a female Czechoslovakian Wolfdog cross, she came to us after her owner passed away, we haven't had her that long but we can already see that she is very nervous and doesn't cope well with change.

In her notes that were passed over to us they stated that she doesn't like other dogs, however she is still under assessment at the moment and we will know more in the coming weeks.

​So far she has been very accepting of the people in kennels, a little shy but nonetheless she has not been aggressive.

CVD’s are notorious for being harder dogs to handle and therefore we shall be looking for a very experienced home for Byndie, preferably as an only pet and with NO children.


Current information may be out of date or non existent at this time. We try to regularly update this information with regular assessment sessions with our behaviorists and kennel staff.

The information contained on these pages is a rough guide from the last assessment.

Due to COVID-19 a lot has changed and a new assessment may be required for up to date info.

When applying to adopt from us, we will first check your suitability and then try to match you with one or more of our dogs. WE DO NOT rehome our dogs upon request.

Please take note if it says NO children, NO pets or other restrictions these will stand and you will need to stick to the criteria to become a potential match.