ODIN is an absolutely stunning looking boy who loves to play and be groomed, He enjoys going on long walks and playing with his toys,

Unfortunately Odin has a bad habit of consuming items you try to take off him so you need to be on your watch at all times with him and teach him that somethings are not food. We have been working on this with him but he can be one stubborn dog when he wants to be.

We are more concerned that he could consume something fatal if he carries on, it is for this reason we feel he would be best suited to an active one person household, where there would be no confusion in items being left around,

He can also sometimes come across as a very grumpy dog especially with new people but he has no bad history and has never bitten, he just likes to tell people to keep their distance. If you stand your ground and let him come to you he bonds quite quickly.

We have every reason to believe that Odin will make a very fine companion for someone who is used to a regimented life, possibly ex military as he loves to have his routines.


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