RUFUS is pretty picky with the company he likes to keep, he seems to prefer men over women as he did have a bad habit of jumping up and mouthing most women. Since being here with us this seems to of subsided but has not gone away. Providing he thinks you look like fun and he accepts you he is an absolute character, the looks he gives you and the things he does are hysterical. He loves nothing more than to give you a bear hug or try to grab hold of your leg to stop you from leaving (with his paws). His favourite toy has to be tennis balls which don’t usually last long but he enjoys them while they last.

Rufus will require an experienced home as he has a lot of rotti x shepherd to give you :-)

​Preferably a male only home would be preferred for now. We shall continue to work with the new owners in regards to any issues that will come of trying to settle him into a new home.


Current information may be out of date or non existent at this time. We try to regularly update this information with regular assessment sessions with our behaviorists and kennel staff.

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