STITCH is such a loving bouncy boy and he loves a good belly scratch. He has never had a real home as he was born in kennels in Spain. We have nicknamed him Houdini as he always manages to slip through a window or door! How is generally a mystery! He loves to chase tennis balls, He loves to be the centre of attention.

Stitch will get on with other dogs off lead but seems to get very anxious when on lead, if he can’t get to the other dog he does tend to redirect to his handler, but he has never done more than a nip and he does listen when you tell him he shouldn’t be doing it. In summary he is a very energetic dog so he needs to go to a family that will have the patience to introduce him to family life and at the same time be pretty active to wear him down a little.

We don’t recommend a family with children as he does get the zoomies quite often and could inadvertently injure a younger child.


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