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LUOSKO Charity Shop

Fundraising Store

76 High Street, Cheadle, ST101AJ

As a charity we had pondered with the idea of opening up a charity shop for some time, however we were unsure of where to have the shop located and it would also mean we would need more volunteers to help, possibly even dedicated to the shop.

During 2020 we noticed that Age UK had vacated their premises in Cheadle High Street, one that they had occupied for nearly 30 years! with the Covid-19 pandemic causing havoc with nearly all UK shops and retailers, we opted to cease the opportunity to take the shop under our wing after striking a deal with the landlord.

The fundraising store in Cheadle was the first ever shop to be opened, dedicated to raising funds for LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue (registered charity number 1188407).

The shop was taken on in November 2020, unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic meant that we could not officially open the door to the general public until April 2021 and so after kitting out the shop we decided to launch several on-line sales which went well.

With the news that the UK was finally crawling out of lockdown in April 2021, we finally got to open up the doors to the shop and the general public.

After running for 8 months the shop proved to be an essential fundraiser, in fact we probably would not of survived the tail end of lockdown without the fundraising store!,  however we quickly found that space was an issue and started the hunt for a bigger shop.

In December 2021 the property across the road became available and we snapped it up and transferred business to the new shop, now in full swing it has proved to be a great move, now we have dedicated areas for clothes, Books, CDs, DVDs and more.

The original location has been kept for use of admin roles, storage and our new raw food and natural treat outlet - LUNA's LOUNGE, which opened its doors in April 2022, and as of January 2023 went on-line.


If you have unwanted items you wish to donate please contact the shop directly on 01538 269788, smaller items including clothes, toys and bric a brac can be dropped off at the shop whilst larger items can be dropped off at the rescue centre, or photographs can be sent in to us to advertise on this page until sold.


If you have a few hours to spare and you would like to volunteer in our store, please send an email to


Charity Shop

We opened up our ebay shop to widen our audience on some of the items that would otherwise be in storage until its time for new stock.

Visit our ebay shop to grab yourself a bargain! especially if you cannot get to our fundraising store.

So many of our donations are high end, collectible, or designer, and these will find their way online to our eBay shop.


It’s pretty well stocked with a range of items, with more being added several times a week. 


eBay Donations

We understand that it’s often nerve-racking to donate your precious items to a charity in case they don’t recognise their value and don’t ensure an appropriate price.


We have always endeavoured to do this at LUOSKO, and our eBay shop has helped us market these items on a much wider scale to ensure we get the best possible return for our dogs from your donations.

Our eBay donations are processed at our charity shop, and can be dropped off at that location, or to our rescue centre in Cheadle.

If you would like to discuss donating high value items, please call us or email:

Tel: 01538 750842


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