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We are a GERMAN SHEPHERD breed specific dog rescue, as such primarily we can ONLY accept German Shepherds or crosses thereof. We do not discriminate our incoming dogs on their history, however as part of the handover process it is PARAMOUNT that you are truthful in regards to your dogs attitude and history. ALL incoming dogs are prioritised according to severity and this will also have an influence on the future of your dog.

Due to the current situation forcing a lot of people to make the decision to rehome their dogs we are currently experiencing a high demand for our services, unfortunately we only have a limited amount of space at our centre which means that even after completing our handover form it can take some time before we can physically take your dog.

However in a dire emergency should you need your dog moving immediately, we can take your dog and place them in private boarding kennels, which costs the rescue and uses up essential funds that we need to look after dogs in our care, to combat this we you will be required to pay a minimum donation of £50, plus the cost of transport to collect your dog and an additional cost of £200.00 to cover the boarding fees at the external kennels where they will be boarded until they can come into our centre.

By submitting a handover application you are asking LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue to handle the rehoming of your dog, all our staff are volunteers and put a lot of effort into helping to rehome your dog so please think carefully before rehoming your dog in any other way whilst on our waiting list.  If you do find a new home for your dog before we are able to take them please ensure you send an email to to let us know or call us on 08445 881473 as soon as possible. 


ALL information contained in this application MUST be as honest as possible even if you think that something may adversely affect your application please do not omit any information. We will help ANY Shepherd that needs our help; no matter what the history.

As part of your application you will be asked to upload additional documentation and therefore you must have the following at hand before starting:

A copy of photo ID, Proof of address, Vaccination record and proof of ownership ie. A letter or bill from your vet along with at least 3 recent pictures of your dog.

As part of our general handover procedure you will be asked to make a donation to the rescue, normally we suggest a minimum of £50.

Please note that once your dog has been collected and transferred to the rescue you will no longer be the owner of the dog and we are not at liberty to give you updates or let you know where the dog goes to. After handover it is also standard protocol that we can NOT allow previous owners to re-take ownership.

If you do not understand or will have difficulty with any of the above please contact our rehoming coordinator on 01538750842 BEFORE completing this application. We are here to help to the best of our ability and euthanasia is NOT an option to be considered, Ever!



Please ensure you have read all notes on our site before completing this handover form.

REMEMBER by completing this form you are asking us to rehome your dog. Please do not sell or give your dog away after completing this form without notifying us first.

Legal Owner / Keeper Information

This section MUST contain the legal owner / keepers details even if you are not them.  If you are not the legal owner or keeper please enter your details as as their representative below theirs as well as the reason that the owner is not the person handing the dog over before continuing with the application

If you are NOT the legal owner / keeper please complete the following fields, otherwise continue to the next page

Owner / Keeper Representative

ID & Proof of address upload

Upload Photo ID

Please upload a copy of your Photo ID and proof of address by using the upload tools

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