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'LUOSKO' derives from our original dogs back in 2014; LUCCA, OSCAR and RILEY (aka Solophina ASKO) and has since been adopted as the family name and trusted name for training, rehabilitating and re-homing German Shepherds responsibly. After losing LUNA in 2020 we altered it to include both LUCCA & LUNA as the LU as a memorial.

LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue was founded in 2014, initially it was set up as a walking, daycare and boarding service and in 2015 quickly became a small scale all breed rescue. Rescuing dogs of all breeds from around the UK and Europe.

Over the years the organisation has gone through several transitions, from the services offered to the day to day imagery. In 2018 the rescue flourished more than ever and some of the services previously provided were dropped, to allow for the care of the increased amount of rescue dogs. It was then decided to end the old services completely and handover the assets to the new up and coming non-profit rescue.

Due to the personal experience of owning 5 GSD's and the increased handling of German Shepherds it was decided best for us to become more focused on the breed. In early 2019 the rescue became a breed specific rescue for German Shepherds, later we also became resident at the Cheadle site, which allowed us to take care of up to 40+ dogs at any one time. The rescue also received a complete overhaul including new logos and associated livery.

As well as the move to the Cheadle site, LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue was able to become part of the BATTERSEA Dogs Home Animal Partnership Scheme, giving the rescue access to much needed resources and support enabling some big changes to take place.

Some of our senior staff have attended courses at Battersea to better their understanding of animal welfare and management. In turn this has led us to keep track of information previously overlooked, which now enables us to improve the quality of life given to the dogs in our care and to monitor things such as how many days on average the dogs remain in "rescue" before finding their new homes. Thanks to Battersea creating more courses and making them available to all our staff and volunteers the future is looking exceptional for all those that help us here at the rescue on a day to day basis and especially for any dogs coming into our care.

In conjunction with our new processes and procedures, we have introduced more training and information available to potential adoption families and have created our 7 Point Adoption process of which all adopters must now follow in order to adopt dogs from us. This has proven very successful and has helped us rehome dogs with more success than ever.

Being nominated and becoming a finalist for the BBC Make A Difference Awards 2019 in the 'Fur ever Friend' category was amazing and an honour. Unfortunately we did not win, but all nominees deserved to win in our eyes! Just to be nominated means that we are doing the right thing.

The biggest change of all, besides the new image, was the move to appoint a governing committee and to become an Official Registered Charity. We have been fortunate to qualify for a Battersea Grant to help improve the quality of life for our dogs with improvements to the kennel blocks on site.

The rescue is ever evolving for the better, and shall continue to do so with the help of all our excellent volunteers and of course we could not do what we do without the support from the general public and last but not least, all of the amazing people and families that open up their hearts and homes to one (or more) of our amazing dogs.

So here is to an amazing future, Thank you to everyone for their continued support.

© 2020 LUOSKO GSD Rescue. Registered charity no. 1188407

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