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my dog with LUOSKO 

​If you have got this far, then you have probably exhausted all other avenues and have had to make the decision of handing your dog over to rescue, please follow the instructions below:

Firstly we need you to complete the initial handover form.

On the form there are 2 options:

1. Keeping your dog at home until we have space to bring him/her into our centre

2. Boarding your dog in commerical kennels (assigned by us) until we have space to bring him/her into our centre

​Choosing the latter (2) will mean that on top of the handover donation (min £100) you will need to pay for the external boarding kennel fees (reduced rate) until we have space for your dog this is normally around £15.00 per day and payable direct to the boarding kennels.

​​YOU MUST choose one of these options or we will not be able to help. Also please bear in mind that if we have to collect your dog from you (depending on distance) this too may be at a cost and may take a few days to organise.

​​When you complete the form, you will also require a copy of your photo ID, at least 3 pictures of your dog and if possible a few words written by you about your dog, likes, dislikes, attitude, medical issues etc

​​​Once you have submitted the form our rehoming coordinator will be in touch to discuss how we will proceed in helping to rehome your dog.

​​PLEASE remember that we receive hundreds of requests to help to rehome dogs, unfortunately space is limited and we MUST prioritise each dog individually which means sometimes we cannot take dogs straight away. However we will still do our best to advertise your dog and to try and do as much as we can to help while we wait for a space to become available.


In order for us to bring your dog into rescue we need your full co operation and patience.

We appreciate that your circumstances may be urgent, however w
e have to rate each dog and circumstances individually and adjust the position on the waiting list accordingly.

WE are a GERMAN SHEPHERD breed specific rescue, therefore w
e can ONLY accept German Shepherds or crosses thereof.

Due to the current situation forcing a lot of people to make the decision to rehome their dogs we are currently experiencing a high demand of handovers, unfortunately we only have a limited amount of space which means that even after completing our handover form it may take some time before we can physically take your dog.


We are a registered charity, run entirely by volunteers and funded by public donations. This means that we cannot make any exceptions to fees and costs involved in rehoming your dog.


If you will struggle to pay a handover donation or kennel fees (if needed) please let us know upon first enquiry, we may be able to find you an alternative solution.


where the situation surrounding the re homing means that immediate action is required for welfare reasons or to avoid euthanasia please call us immediately on 08445 881473 (24hrs) to discuss.

Although this service is 24hrs, please remember the person on the end of the phone is still a volunteer and is on-call. They will handle your call to the best of their ability, however depending on timing and circumstances, immediate action may not be an option.

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