Our 7 Point Adoption Process

Our 7 Point Adoption Process

All rescue centres have their own adoption protocols and procedures and we are no different, however we regularly hear that potentially good homes have been rejected by other rescues for some reason or another.

Here at LUOSKO, we use the guidelines of Common Sense. Each home is assessed on its own merits and all potential adopters are considered regardless of young children or circumstances.

We try to match our dogs to their potential homes, ok so this means you don’t get to choose your new dog; however after spending time with our dogs we know them best! and trust us, our team do some fantastic matches - just ask to see some of our past adoptions, at this point It’s down to you to tell us what your life entails so we can make an informed decision to which of our dogs will fit in better and match your lifestyle. We have a rather unique 7point adoption process which helps our dogs and families bond before adoption, which gives us an even better insight to the right matches. This has proven to be a very successful way of running our adoptions with very little failure rate.

Our main aim is and always will be to find the “perfect” home for one of the dogs in our care, our dogs are important to us and we want to ensure that we make the best decisions on their behalf.

If your after a quick adoption then our rescue is not for you, however if you believe that ensuring your home, lifestyle and your potential new best friend should be a perfect match, no matter how long it takes then read on!

Once you have applied to adopt one of our beautiful dogs, you will be invited to have a meeting with one of our team, who will run through your application and in turn discuss what dogs suit your home and lifestyle. If you live in rented premises your application cannot be processed unless we have a letter giving permission from your landlord to have a dog in your home.

If we match you with one of our dogs, we will start our 7 point adoption process, if we do not have a match we shall endeavour to keep looking for you and get back in touch when we think we have the perfect candidate.

7 Point Adoption Process - Helping to create a true family bond

Initial consultation You get to meet potential dogs, take them for a walk or play in our secure area with a member of our team, if we find you have multiple matches this will be your chance to choose the best one for you.

1. Home Check & Reservation: This stage can be requested at any time.
We now operate a less intrusive home check system, however we may still require a personal visit in some cases. To reserve your new friend and authorise your home check there is a £50 fee. If for any reason you fail your home check or you decide not to continue with the adoption process your £50 will be converted into a donation to our general rescue fund.

2. 1st Stage Meet & Greet
This is YOUR time. Come and play with your new friend in our secure area with little or no intervention from our team (as many times and whatever times you choose) this is to strengthen the bond between dog and potential family.

3. 2nd Stage Meet & Greet
By now you should feel some real chemistry! Let’s get you out in public! Now is your chance to start going for walks, local or a little further afield if you want to check out how your new friend is in the car. However no home visits unless your home check has been passed.

4. First Visit Home
Once you have a successful home check, we advise taking your new friend out for the day doing something fun and “popping” home initially for no more than an hour – Just go home, show your new friend the toilet areas and let them have a quick look around, while you have a cuppa! This is to reduce the anxiety that new places can cause, Go out for a walk to help lower their stress levels and return home and relax for the rest of the day.

5. Day outing
After the initial hour visit you can now go home for the day to see how you all get a long, you can repeat this stage several times if required or move on to a sleepover

6. Sleepover
Now for the big one! Let’s see how everybody holds up with a full day and a night, this is normally the point of which we all know the answer before anyone says anything, sleepovers are a good time to set boundaries for both the new dog in question, children and adults alike. Don’t forget the team are at the end of the phone should you need any help during this time.

7. Suitability Meeting / Adoption
The day we have all been working towards! If you get this far then congratulations are in order, happy gotcha day to your new friend and welcome to the LUOSKO family. Once paperwork is signed, you will be issued with your adoption certificate, a quick photo or two, probably a few tears here and there but then it’s over to you as the new proud family!

Unless dogs come in as a bonded pair we DO NOT rehome more than one dog to the same home unless we have done an assessment at least 12months after the first adoption. All our dogs leave us microchipped, vaccinated, flead & wormed and where possible neutered/spayed as well as 4 weeks free insurance.

If a dog has come in to us with no vaccination record it will be necessary to start the course from scratch. This involves an initial vaccination followed by a second vaccination 2-4 weeks later. This does mean you may need to return to our vets for the second vaccination if adoption occurs in the middle of the vaccination course.

We try to neuter all male dogs in our care as a matter of course providing they are at least 3yrs old (unless very young or medically not viable) but with females it is not always possible as we may not know their season history (it is safest to spay a bitch mid way between seasons and preferably after 3yrs old), however all intact males and females leave with a strict spay/neutering agreement – failure to keep to this agreement shall render the adoption void and we will recover possession of the dog,

Please note that if a dog leaves with a spay/neuter agreement in place you shall be responsible for any costs incurred.

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Our 7 Point Adoption Process