We had always had puppies when we were children so when we were looking into getting a dog we were certain that we would have a rescue dog this time.

I was unsure of whether a German shepherd would be too big for my house, how they were at being at home alone, their general temperament and I had no idea how rescuing a dog would work.

I called Luosko and Stuart spoke to me for about an hour and we discussed whether one of their dogs would be suitable for us. After the phonecall I was sure that it was the right decision and I put in an application.

More phonecalls to discuss the dogs and arrange visits then we got to go and see Lilly!

My boyfriend had wanted a classic black and tan boy dog, however when this beautiful white bundle of fur came out to meet us we both fell in love.

We knew that it was important to build a bond with Lilly and we visited as much as work would allow us to. We played in the freedom field, spent hours giving her a good brush, walked her around the town and every visit strengthened our love.

We had a set back after a storm where Lilly was so overwhelmed that she just wanted to stay in her bed and was not in the mood to play. However, we came back the next day and she was back to her beautiful self.

After many trips to see her on site and a video house inspection, we were allowed to take her home for a few visits and a sleepover. It was so nice to know that she was there and that she was enjoying her time with us (and her new toys).

Then we were allowed to take her home and keep her!

We love our Lilly-pad/Princess Lilly/Lillian/Padding and have had her home with us for nearly a year. Luosko have been brilliant and we have been back for training advice and to play in the freedom field.

Our house is now a home, yes the home is covered in white fur, but it's worth it.