On 1st June 2020, I received a phone call from Stuart, which would be the start of the amazing adventure of adopting Sully. A couple of weeks before that, I filled in the LUOSKO online pre-adoption form expressing our interest in adopting a GSD. I had researched quite a few rescues in the area and chose to approach LUOSKO because they seemed to be a small local rescue that goes the extra mile finding their dogs their new homes. We were very much aware that our adoption process could take extra time and effort as the new member of our family needed to fit in with our two other rescue dogs; Molly, an eleven year old Weimaraner and Jessie, an eight year old German Shepherd cross.

During this first call, it became clear that we and LUOSKO were very much on the same page. They suggested that Sully might be a good fit, as what he was looking for was (as the LUOSKO website described) ‘a lot of space to run around and a bitch to call his own’, something we might be able to provide for him.

We are in the fortunate position that LUOKO is no more than a 15 minute car ride from us, so we loaded the girls in the car and drove to LUOSKO to meet the team. We briefly met Sully too, to see what our girls’ initial response to him would be. Whilst Sully was calm and well behaved with Josh, it was Jessie that kicked up quite the fuss. She has always been a nervous dog, not having had the best start in life. Molly took quickly to Sully though, giving us a good starting point.

Over the weeks that followed, we slowly introduced Sully to our dogs by simply walking them together every day after work. This started off at LUOSKO, but after the first few days we moved to the woods around our house. All LUOSKO staff have been very supporting during this period and happy for us to take our time. As soon as our girls decided he really wasn’t all that bad, we were able to have Sully stay over night a couple of days and, when that was a success, sign the official adoption paperwork.

When we decided to add a new rescue dog to the family, we were not sure how successful we would be. A lot of rescues, especially the larger ones, are not keen to place a dog with a family that already has dogs. Especially when these dogs are rescues and have their own issues. Thanks to the hard work the LUOSKO team puts into each and every adoption, we ended up with such a good match and a very happy furry family.