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German Shepherd Dogs


LUOSKO help us?

If after reading all our information and advice you still feel that re homing your dog is the only way forward, for whatever reason LUOSKO will not judge you. Our advice is simply there to try and help you make a very hard decision a little easier and for you to see all the options.

We appreciate how hard these times can be for families, however like other rescues we struggle sometimes for space to bring dogs into our care. So we have an assessment process in place in order to prioritise dogs needing our help.

We ask that under normal circumstances that you first complete the handover form and return to us as quickly as possible, please ensure you complete the form as honestly as possible as this will help us to help your dog move forward, no matter what the history is it wont affect our decision on bringing your dog into rescue.

When asking us to help, we expect your cooperation and honesty. Once we start the process we encourage people to leave the re homing process to us completely. Our staff are all voluntary and spend time researching options for each dog that is coming in to us, working tirelessly behind the scenes. So when we are told you have re homed your dog elsewhere after you have asked us to help is a huge blow and leads to a lot of wasted resources that could of been used to help other dogs.

As part of our re homing service you will be asked to make a donation to the rescue, this is required upfront when we accept your dog onto our waiting list. We currently ask for a minimum donation of £100 to be sent to the rescue when starting the re homing process. If you would struggle with this one off donation please call us on 08445 881473 to discuss what we can do for you.

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