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German Shepherd Dog

Help to

rehome your dog

Things to consider

This decision never comes lightly, here are a few things to consider before rehoming your dog...​

Owners surrender their dogs for a myriad of reasons. More common ones include: Moving, can’t keep, my landlord won’t allow dogs, not enough time, now I know he/she bites and can’t afford anymore.

​Although those are the reasons commonly given, the underlying cause far more often in those cases, is that something interfered with the development of the all-important bond between dog and human that ensures the dog a lifelong, loving home. Every day thousands of dog lovers move and take their dogs with them, find a new place to live where dogs are allowed, rearrange busy schedules to make time for their dogs, and prioritize budgets to cover their dog-care expenses.

​Animal protection and rescue workers often become cynical about, and unsympathetic toward, those who give up their dogs. Many of us who love our dogs find it difficult to imagine any legitimate reason for giving them up

Options Available

It can be a challenging proposition to rehome a dog, especially one with major health or behavior problems.


Here you will find options to consider when you must give up your dog:

Can LUOSKO help

If after reading all our information and advice you still feel that re homing your dog is the only way forward, for whatever reason LUOSKO will not judge you. Our advice is simply there to try and help you make a very hard decision a little easier and for you to see all the options.

Ask for help

If you want to discuss options before going any further please call us NOW on 01538 750842


We could stop you from making a huge mistake! and be able to help you keep your family intact.

LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Please read all our information and call us for a chat before you make the decision to rehome your dog.

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