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Pay in your funds


After you've done all the hard work of holding a fundraising event or taking on a challenge for LUOSKO, you need to send your hard-earned funds to us so we can put them to good use.

Follow these simple steps to transfer your funds to LUOSKO:

  1. Collect – when your event is finished, it is best to collect the money you have raised as quickly as possible.

  2. Count – ensure that two people are present when you are counting cash.

  3. Form - complete a fundraising form

  4. Pay– pay funds into your bank account, get a receipt and pay the amount to LUOSKO via your credit or debit card. This can be done online, over the phone or using a JustGiving page. Alternatively by direct bank transfer.



Visit our donation page and enter your donation amount. Dont forget to leave your details and info about your event, email and send us all the info about your event, how much raised and even some pics and we will post something on our facebook page to say thanks!


Call our Supporter Services team and pay in your funds on the phone on 01538750842 .


Setting up a JustGiving page is quick and easy. Follow the instructions on the JustGiving website add us as the charity ( our reg no is 1188407) and the money you raise will automatically transfer to LUOSKO.


If you have a cash donation, please don't send it through the post. Instead, collect the money you have raised as soon as possible after your event, then pay the funds into your bank account. You can then use your debit or credit card to donate the money online, over the phone or on a JustGiving page, as above. alternatively you can transfer direct to our charity account, details are on the bottom of our donate page.




Bank or cash any cheques made payable to you and write a cheque to LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue for the amount collected. Download and complete our Fundraising form and enclose it with your cheque so we can thank you properly for your fantastic fundraising.

Please send your cheque and form to Supporter Services Team, LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Haden House Farm, Delphouse Road, Cheadle, Staffordshire, ST10 2NN.


A big thank you from all the dogs here at LUOSKO. We rely on the generosity of people like you to care for the thousands of dogs who need our help each year. We couldn't do it without you.




We're always happy to send you LUOSKO fundraising materials, such as collection tins and balloons. Just get in touch with the Supporter Services team using the details below to find out about the free items we can send you.

Phone: 01538 750842


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