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Our K9 ACADEMY is for any owners and their dogs that want to work through issues or work towards new goals.



Before we do any training with our clients, we need to have an assessment session.


This allows us to ascertain what the problems are and what is causing them, and to be able to create a training plan to suit both you and your dog.


When performing our assessments we allow plenty of time so we can do things at a relaxed pace for you and avoid unnecessary stress for your dog.

1-2-1 Training


Although there are plenty of training courses out there we prefer the one on one approach

This ensures that we can  pass on our experience and knowledge to owners and ensure that when you leave our site you are confident in what you have been taught so you can carry on the training at home, as that's where it really matters.

Basic Training

The most basic 7 commands sit, down, leave, come, no, stay and heel.

Obedience training can often be overlooked even though it is the foundation of all training.

It initially helps form a bond between dogs and their owners and basic obedience should be practiced regularly.

If your struggling with this let us help you to ensure you get off to a good start and prevent further problems down the line.



Socialisation is an important part of your dogs life.

However it does not mean your dog should have to get along with every dog they meet moreso they should be tought how to behave when they meet other dogs.

Behavioural Issues


When it comes to dealing with dogs that show unwanted behaviours it is often something that owners are not seeing or are unware of due to a lack of knowledge.

This is why when we train with you and your dog, we point out the issues, then explain why we choose to use the methods we use to fix them.

We will ensure that owners are happy they can repeat and continue this training before leaving our centre.

On site or at home


Our assessments and training sessions are best done here at our centre, however we are more than happy to come to you if the circumstances allow.

Pay as You Go
or Package Deals

We have different options to suit everyone.You can choose to pay per session or save a little money by purchasing a package.
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